Strategic Onboarding – Part 1: On Your Mark…

At cfactor Works, we believe the best way to improve organizational performance is to focus on the employee experience.  To this end, we provide efficiency & productivity, engagement, and workforce insight (metrics & dashboards) solutions.  These solutions give HR, managers and employees the relevant just-in-time tools, systems and support they require to be more productive every day.

A good example of this is Preboarding & Onboarding, our employee recruiting and onboarding solution, which we officially launched at this year’s 15th Annual HR Technology Conference & Expo in Chicago.  It has been receiving very positive reviews from HR analysts and professionals, and our clients’ experience with it thus far has shown solid results such as:

  • completely paperless onboarding process,
  • reduced or eliminated manual data entry by HR,
  • standardized and personalized onboarding process for every new employee across a multinational company,
  • 70% of new employees voluntarily visit the preboarding portal before their first day

However, we’ve noticed there remain many questions about strategic onboarding within companies and among HR practitioners.  We’ve tried to capture these questions and have refined them down into the following list of six key questions:

  • What real business results are possible with a strategic onboarding process?
  • How long should a strategic onboarding process last?
  • How do preboarding and crossboarding fit into the strategic onboarding process?
  • How do you balance the standardized and personalized aspects of onboarding?
  • How can you judge the effectiveness of a strategic onboarding process?
  • How do I best leverage technology to support my strategic onboarding process?

Over the coming weeks I will address each of these questions in a series of posts here on our HR Technology blog.  Along the way I welcome you to join in by sharing your strategic onboarding questions, stories and insights.

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