cfactor Experiences a “Gold Medal” Type of Year


With the Winter Olympics just wrapping up, I can’t help but reflect on what it took for those elite athletes to perform the way they did.  The life time commitment it took just to be there as a participant.  I can only imagine what a thrilling, out-of-body experience it must feel like to be standing on the top of the podium at the World’s Largest Sporting Event – The Olympic Games.

For the vast majority of us, we can only watch and marvel as we will never be so fortunate as to experience this first hand.  However, it did strike me that we all have our own “Gold Medal” types of moments in life – opportunities to feel a deep sense of gratification and fulfillment.  The type of feeling that comes from performing at a very high level and then looking back at what was accomplished personally and as a team.

Fiscal 2014 was one of those years for me. 

cfactor Had Great Year (FY14 Press Release).

I am so proud of the cfactor team for all the work they have done coding, marketing, selling and delighting customers over the years to put us in the position to have the type of performance we did in 2013/2014.  Without all the hard work, innovative ideas and long hours, we would not have had all the pieces in place we needed to achieve the results we did.

In Canada they had a great commercial running during the Winter Olympic Games that underscored how it takes an entire team, fulfilling all kinds of roles, to support an athlete becoming the Best in the World at his or her craft.  In this particular commercial, it features the supporting cast, the coaches, the parents, grandparents, sponsors, fans, etc. that helped inspire Jonathan Toews to be one of the best hockey players in the world.

As I stood on the stage in front of thousands of people at the World’s Largest HR Technology Conference, I like to think I got a small glimpse into how Jonathan Toews must have felt when he got his Gold Medal in Men’s Olympic hockey.  Here I was, representing cfactor, selected as one of the 6 most awesome new and innovative products in our industry – the equivalent of winning the “Gold Medal” in HR Technology.  I thought of all those people that had worked so hard to help us enjoy this moment – growing from a small company started by 3 brothers into an award-winning HR Technology service provider serving customers around the Globe.  The advisors, customers and employees that believed in us and joined us in our collective pursuit.  All culminating in this Gold Medal moment for us.  What a humbling and deeply gratifying moment that I was so fortunate to have been able to experience.

In addition to participating in the Awesome New Technology for HR segment at HR Tech, we capped of our Gold Medal year with:

  • Fantastic Growth – Subscription Revenue up 40%
  • Great New Customers – Aflac, AMEC, California Pizza Kitchen, GroupM, Uline, Travelport – to name a few
  • New Friends & New PartnersPlatformOne
  • A slick, innovative product suiteVibe HCM

In the end, I guess what they say is true – hard work, perseverance and maybe a little bit of luck does pay off in the end.  I hope that you all find an opportunity to create your own Gold Medal moments in your personal and work lives.  I am going to savour this moment in time for just a wee bit longer (Canada did win Gold Medal in Hockey after all!) and then get busy going after the next Gold Medal moment!

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