Killer ROI: 007-Like Technology in HR

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Whether or not you are a Bond, James Bond, fan – you got to admit – he has style!

His own unique brand, vibe…

You are probably thinking – what on earth does Bond have to do with HR?

Surprisingly, one can draw a few parallels (and it gives us an excuse to dig into the vault to relive the finer moments of the Bond franchise).

Clearly Bond’s success was heavily predicated on his unique skills, expertise and personality. But he wasn’t successful in a vacuum – he was surrounded by a top-notch team and always relied heavily on amazing technology (ok, I admit it – technology that bordered on fiction – but it illustrates the point). The result of this dynamic combination – Talent, Team and Tech – were some fantastic results and a sure-fire win for the “good guys”. Using this formula, HR Departments can achieve some ground-breaking results – driving not only engagement & innovation – but Killer ROI!





Bond has a flair for the dramatic. He knows how to make a memorable first impression. What kind of first impression do you want to leave with your new employee? How about delivering a personalized Preboarding experience – even before the employee’s 1st day. What about a live, immersive virtual reality 1st day orientation? Follow that up with a personalized 365 day onboarding program.





Even though Bond is clearly the hero of the show – he couldn’t do what he does without the team around him. Innovative Talent Visualization & Management technology can help you assemble high-performance teams (just like Bond’s). Combine profile, peer feedback and social contribution data with traditional information to locate talent with unique skills & expertise. Find, reward and promote from within. Leverage personal networks to support development and advancement. Before you know it, you could have your very own 00 agent.


HR Service



Aficionados always look forward to the latest Bond gadgets. From X-ray Shades to Jetpacks, all gadgets were designed with a specific purpose – often proving to be critically useful. Similarly, advancements in technology make it possible for HR to rethink how it delivers service. Not tech driven by feature-lists or hype. Rather, how does it drive value? How does it become critically useful in the employee’s day-to-day job? Just-in-time access to experts, live chat with HR, virtual reality learning – gadgets or game changers?


Does it work in practice?

By combining innovation in HR technology with a proven team, the DeVry Education Group has achieved Killer ROI within their HR Service Delivery – evidenced by employee sat/very sat levels of 92%+ and annual direct cost savings of over $2 Million.  View case study


Here are some ‘killer’ takeaways:

  • ROI is about more than immediate dollars
  • Higher engagement, retention of high potentials & lower regrettable turnover directly impact ROI
  • Use great tech to support lean HR and drive ROI
  • Measure success against established HR benchmarks

Even one or two modules of great HR tech can make a measurable difference; so start now
cfactor ‘shook things up’ at IHRIM 2014 with a bustling expo booth, a ‘Killer ROI’ session co-presented with Deb Maher from DeVry Education Group and vibrant discussion on Twitter. For more information about our time at IHRIM click here.

cfactor Works Inc. is not associated with Ian Fleming’s James Bond, MGM or United Artists

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