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May I Have This HR Service Delivery Dance?

Dancing With HR Stars

Developing the choreography for a dance routine can be as fun and exciting as it can be daunting and intricate. There are particular strengths that you want to leverage from your performers; you want to entertain your audience; you want to give them things that they are familiar with; and you want to introduce them to ‘new moves’ that will knock their socks off!

Much like seeing Michael Jackson do the Moonwalk for the first time – you ask yourself, “How did he do that?!?”

Similarly, building an employee community and executing seemingly effortless HR service delivery requires a carefully choreographed process, collaboration and practice. If done correctly, handling thousands of employee requests, effectively communicating with your employees, and being able to quickly provide reports detailing your HR team’s performance to your leadership team should all appear…effortless.

Thankfully, you don’t have to know how to moonwalk to leverage HR technology to support your HR service delivery performance and make it look & feel effortless. You can create an efficient model for HR service delivery that truly delivers on the promise of providing an engaging environment in which employees can thrive.

It is with this in mind that we are pleased to introduce Dancing with HR Stars: Five Essentials for Making HR Service Delivery Look and Feel Effortless. This complimentary eBook is a joint-effort with Dovetail Software that provides an in-depth look at all the components necessary to make your HR service delivery perform at the highest level to allow HR the opportunity to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Whether you are seriously re-thinking your model, or you are simply exploring how you can improve on your approach, there is something for every HR professional in this comprehensive eBook. In Dancing with HR Stars, five expert ‘judges’ share their insights and provide HR professionals with numerous ideas to help them:

  1. create the right model and leverage effective HR technologies relevant to their needs
  2. support positive change management and technology user adoption throughout their organizations
  3. deliver personalized service, employing social tools to foster engagement and connectivity among employees
  4. benchmark performance and continually strive for improving HR service delivery

It’s not always a breeze to master new techniques – whether in our professional roles, or on the dance floor. However, when you learn from the experts it can make it a lot easier! Download your complimentary copy of “Dancing with HR Stars” and strive for the best performance in HR service delivery today!